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How to claim
Simply show us the Retro app on your phone & ask for your Kir when ordering.
Valid for evening sittings, Tuesday to Friday. Not valid on Saturday evenings.
Glass of Kir
with 2 course dinner
01 Mar 2016
31 Aug 2016
How to claim
Simply show us the Retro app on your phone & ask for your Kir when ordering.
Valid for evening sittings, Tuesday to Friday. Not valid on Saturday evenings.

About Us

One of South West London’s premier restaurants, the popular Retro Bistrot serves excellent French-style food in relaxed and stylish surroundings. Winner of the Good Food Guide London Restaurant of the Year 2012, and proud owner of two AA Red Rosettes, the Retro manages to deliver a sense of luxury in both food and ambiance at very affordable prices. Stylish but down-to-earth diners are welcome to enjoy the full menu or simply pop in for a snack and a drink.

Key to its success is the blend of great food with a unique brand of personal service. Led by the inimitable and flamboyant Maitre D’, Frenchman Vincent Gerbeau, the team provide charming, attentive but discreet service.

Click here to see our A la Carte Menu.

Head chef Francois Fayd'Herbe De Maudave works with the very best ingredients to create French food with a modern European twist. They are undoubtedly a winning combination.

Every last Tuesday of the month sees their regular Jazz Night featuring a range of top jazz artists. A special snack menu alongside the usual a la carte and set menus accompanies jazz nights so there’s something for everyone.

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Item Name Price
Set Lunch 2 course £10.50
Set Lunch 3 course £15.50
Set Dinner 2 course £19.50
Set Dinner 3 course £22.50
Just Some of Our Retro Classics
Stuffed pigs trotter, black pudding, Waldorf salad £8.95
Marinated Sea bass, blue potato salad, caviar, fennel shitake dressing £8.75
Game consommé, wild mushroom mousse wonton £7.00
Three way Fine de Claire oysters £11.50
Pumpkin cakes, endamame relish,tofu tempura, saffron mayonnaise £8.25
Saint Maure salad, kataifi pastry,baked beetroot, pickled Enokitake £9.50
Seared king scallops, trio of leeks, haggis tempura £18.00
Poached lemon sole, truffle pomme purée, chanterelle cream £19.95
Two way Malard a la orange, calve nero, duck confit crepe £19.95
Slow roast pork belly, red cabbage, celeriac, caramelised apple £18.50
Stuffed organic courgette, pine nut crisp, ratatouille, pepper coulis £13.50
Chateaubriand, pommes frites maison For Two
watercress, bearnaise sauce £55.00
Sautéed monkfish tail, ratatouille, crushed new potato, pancetta £21.50
Veal sweetbread, kidney, red onion tatin, pomme puree, sauce Diablo £19.50
Mirabelle plum soufflé £7.95
Blackberry & cobnut crumble, burnt orange, cardamom Anglaise £7.95
Dark & white chocolate medley £7.95
Selection of homemade ice-creams and sorbets £7.00
Profiteroles pyramide, pear compote, caramel ice cream £7.00

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@RetroBistrot Sep 25, 11:33

Love this Eclair shot from Laura Hutchinson on Instagram of an eclair to share... That's a strong dessert game Laur…

@RetroBistrot Sep 25, 11:25

Sunday isn't Sunday without a roast. Especially our roast - freshly cooked by the exceptionally talented...

@RetroBistrot Sep 23, 11:11

Taking a plane to Bordeaux is one option. Or you can join us imbibing quality French wines right here in Teddington…

@RetroBistrot Sep 22, 11:10

You can pop by for a delicious 2 course lunch at Retro today for just £10.50 - and enjoy something like this...

@RetroBistrot Sep 21, 22:06

@TLTeddington sounds interesting! Keep us in the loop for sure....

@RetroBistrot Sep 21, 14:18

This? Yep... This tastes even better than it looks :-)

@RetroBistrot Sep 21, 14:14

@SteveHills we certainly do have a bar in the back room Steve... People are always welcome to come in for drinks! Would be great to see you

@RetroBistrot Sep 20, 17:00

Everyone loves a Retro cocktail! 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹 🍹🍹🍹🍹 🍹🍹🍹 🍹 🍹 🍹 🍹 🍹🍹🍹

@RetroBistrot Sep 20, 15:15

@LDWesq These are Pheasant Back fungi which we use for soup and stock - come and try them out! Pretty sure you'll enjoy them...

@RetroBistrot Sep 20, 11:37

When we do mushrooms, we do them properly! All natural ingredients at Retro. Pop in for something fresh...

@RetroBistrot Sep 20, 11:00

When we do mushrooms we do them properly. Meet the guys who bring in these glorious Pheasant Back fungi which we...

@RetroBistrot Sep 19, 11:35

Its nice being based in such a wonderful area isn't it! What a great shot...

@RetroBistrot Sep 17, 17:53

A little gallic charm tonight perhaps...?

@RetroBistrot Sep 16, 18:43

It's Friday night and let's be honest, you deserve it...

@RetroBistrot Sep 16, 11:00

It’s Friday, and we’ve a treat for those rosé drinkers amongst you, with our social sommelier recommending the...

@RetroBistrot Sep 15, 18:03

Come take refuge with a bite to eat Gavin...!

@RetroBistrot Sep 13, 22:11

Deux autre bouteille de vin s'il vous plaît...

@RetroBistrot Sep 13, 14:31

We think it's important here at Retro to help not just with fine dining, but with your French language skills....

@RetroBistrot Sep 12, 14:52

@SiobhanHoffmann @TLTeddington awesome! See you soon...

@RetroBistrot Sep 12, 11:05

The latest Le Retro Bistrot Daily! Thanks to @powerofcolour @Orphyvibes @Petalrose91

@RetroBistrot Sep 12, 09:53

@TLTeddington @SiobhanHoffmann Thanks guys. Pop in anytime Siobhan... We'd love to cook you up something special

@RetroBistrot Sep 11, 11:00

Trump vs Clinton has made us realise that some things really are are worth voting for! So in the spirit of...

@RetroBistrot Sep 10, 11:12

Can't argue with that! :)

@RetroBistrot Sep 09, 15:02

@TwelfthCylon we look forward to that day with great glee!

@RetroBistrot Sep 09, 14:50

@TwelfthCylon ah it may be an older video - but rest assured the face is still as positive :) Come by soon! Its been too long....

@RetroBistrot Sep 09, 11:54

What is Retro about..? And we mean REALLY about! Well, luckily Vincent is here to explain it all...

@RetroBistrot Sep 08, 22:17

@andipeters Pop by next time you're on the high street Andy! First cocktail on us :-)

@RetroBistrot Sep 08, 11:57

Who's joining us for lunch then... :-)

@housecatslondon Sep 07, 14:27

You can't wish for better #wednesday @RetroBistrot

@RetroBistrot Sep 07, 11:38

You can come and indulge in a 2 course set meal today for £10.50... Here's just one of the main course options...