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One of South West London’s premier restaurants, the popular Retro Bistrot serves excellent French-style food in relaxed and stylish surroundings. Winner of the Good Food Guide London Restaurant of the Year 2012, and proud owner of two AA Red Rosettes, the Retro manages to deliver a sense of luxury in both food and ambiance at very affordable prices. Stylish but down-to-earth diners are welcome to enjoy the full menu or simply pop in for a snack and a drink.

Key to its success is the blend of great food with a unique brand of personal service. Led by the inimitable and flamboyant Maitre D’, Frenchman Vincent Gerbeau, the team provide charming, attentive but discreet service.

Click here to see our A la Carte Menu.

Head chef Francois Fayd'Herbe De Maudave works with the very best ingredients to create French food with a modern European twist. They are undoubtedly a winning combination.

Every last Tuesday of the month sees their regular Jazz Night featuring a range of top jazz artists. A special snack menu alongside the usual a la carte and set menus accompanies jazz nights so there’s something for everyone.

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Find details of all our menus at www.retrobistrot.co.uk/menus
Item Name Price
Set Lunch 2 course £12.95
Set Lunch 3 course £15.50
Set Dinner 2 course £19.50
Set Dinner 3 course £22.50
Just Some of Our Retro Classics
Moules marinière £7.95 half kilo
St Maure goats cheese & beetroot salad £9.95/ £14.95
Pumpkin cakes, edamame relish, radish salad, saffron mayonnaise £7.95
Marinated salmon, keta caviar £9.50
Steak tartare, quails egg £9.50/14.95
Seared king scallops, trio of leeks, haggis tempura £18.00
Lobster salad, clementine, tarragon dressing £19.95
Slow roast pork belly, spicy red cabbage, parsnip puree, cider jus £17.50
Squash & wild mushroom risotto £13.50
Chateaubriand, roast cocotte £28.50 (for 1)
watercress, bearnaise sauce £55.00 (for 2)
Poached lemon sole, pomme purée, wild mushroom cream £18.90
Roast breast of guinea fowl, vichy carrots,fondant potato,red wine jus £18.50
Apple & cinnamon soufflé, apple coulis £7.95
Buttermilk pannacotta, rhubarb compote, Champagne jelly £7.00
Chocolate Sphere, raspberry mousse, salad, coulis £7.50
Lemon crumble parfait, poppy seed tuile, lemon pie ice cream £7.00
Dark treacle tart, cognac soaked prunes, clotted cream £7.50

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Poached Lemon Sole, Pomme Purée, Wild Mushroom Velouté http://t.co/IA3XnUIWwi http://t.co/KK3qpbpOmq

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Back to classes this week don't forget we teach adults too Fun and Friendly Adult Ballet class Wednesday 8pm @TeddingtonSport @TeddSchPTA

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Roast Guinea Fowl Breast, Vichy Carrots, Fondant Potato, Red Wine Jus - on the set menu http://www.r http://t.co/FWIixcxirA

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Perfect Retro-style Prawn Cocktail from fabulous new Head Chef, Francois Fayde'Herbe de Maudave (try http://t.co/Q6m587OsdC

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Tasting is believing - new Head Chef tantalising our taste buds. Poached Lemon Sole, Pomme Purée & Wild Mushroom http://t.co/Hm3RZrStBr